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Welcome To LambWatch!

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Welcome to LambWatch!

LambWatch is a little window onto life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Watch the daily life of the farm and its nature without leaving the comfort of your chair. You never quite know what you might see: as well as the birds, sheep and lambs, you may also see chickens, pheasants, rabbits, owls and more!

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Update from LambWatch HQ 6 replies

Just a bit of an update with what's been going on, sheep-wise, at LambWatch HQ!


Introducing the Boreray to the Shetland sheep 4 replies

Today we put all our female pure breeds together in the same field, in preparation for tupping time in late Autumn.

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Counting thirteen sheep. ... more »

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Happy Birthday to Howa... 4 replies

Updated 21 Oct '16 by Helen

Happy Birthday Margare... 2 replies

Updated 21 Sep '16 by Margaret

A small update... 6 replies

Updated 24 Aug '16 by Margaret

Happy Birthday Tricia 4 replies

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